Funding Request Process

North Trail Elementary Parent Teacher Partnership
Funding Request Program Policies and Procedures

North Trail staff, students and parents are eligible to submit Funding Requests to the PTP. For funding to be considered applicants must complete a Funding Request Form.


  • The PTP will only consider Funding Requests as permitted after the final annual budget has been set.  PTP meetings when requests will be considered are: November, January, February, March, and April
  • The PTP will accept & review applications at each PTP meeting until funds are exhausted.
  • Complete the application at least two weeks prior to the PTP meeting. Late applications may be held for the following meeting.  
  • Submit your application to the NTES principal for review at least two weeks prior to the next PTP meeting. The school principal must sign off on an application before the PTP will review it. 

Review Process

  • The PTP Executive Board will review the applications prior to the PTP meeting. Requests will be scored based on predetermined evaluation criteria. The Executive Board will put forth a recommendation at the PTP meeting.
  • At the PTP meeting, attending PTP members will review and vote upon the Executive Board’s recommendation. Requestor will be notified within 48 hours of vote. If your request is denied, you may reapply.  

Evaluation Criteria
Funding Requests will be evaluated on the extent to which they meet the following criteria:

  • Funds support students’ health, well-being or educational success.
  • Request is for a durable good with a life cycle of at least two years that will be used to benefit a significant portion of students.
  • Number of students impacted by the request. The PTP prefers broad projects benefiting many students to projects benefiting only a few students. 
  • Request  brings new, unique or innovative tools, techniques, materials or instruction to our schools.
  • If the group/individual/project has already received funding in the current academic year and if there are other potential funding sources.

Funding Request Form