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A Learning Community Rooted in the Beauty and Growth of Dreams 

The mission of NTES, a learning community rooted in the beauty and growth of dreams, is to cultivate each learner by illuminating and honoring strengths, passions, and life experiences to make a positive impact through:

  • learner centered experiences;
  • collaborative culture within learning communities;
  • reflection that supports self awareness;
  • honoring Diverse Perspectives; and,
  • nurturing individuality.


  • Each learner is a curious, creative, critical thinker.
  • Each learner honors and respects each other's uniqueness.
  • Each learner contributes positively to their communities.
  • Each learner is safe to engage in the learning process including taking risks, reflecting on the process, and determining next steps.

Visit the Farmington Area Public Schools, ISD 192 Strategic Framework to learn more.